Mark is the master of the short story. These are powerful tales which speak directly to the heart and soul, allowing us to eavesdrop on events which were to shape the destiny of the world. Barbara Erskine


Since 2007 I have had seven fiction and non-fiction books published. My latest is a thriller called The Traitor’s Child.

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"The Path of The Blue Raven" is the story of a struggling man who all his life has wrestled with questions, searched for meaning and discovered it in unexpected places.

Although representing the beginning of a new adventure in one man's life, this book is not just his story for it also offers a beautiful and breath-taking collection of real-life stories of others who walked a similar path and have found great healing and blessing through nature based spirituality.

To many cultures, the raven was and is a symbol of initiation into a new path. In sharing his own journey, the author introduces readers to a world of like-minded people who have stepped off the mainstream path onto the path of personal magic. As the ex-Catholic monk Thomas Moore says, 'The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment.

It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought.' This book offers pilgrims (of any path) a way back to the rich and deep inner magic of childhood dreams.



After a fateful confrontation with the brother he once betrayed, Eric van Kroot finds himself roaming Amsterdam's seediest streets in a desperate search for the child he never knew he had.

His quest uncovers far more than he'd bargained for, however, as he stumbles across the biggest cover up in history.

But there are those who will do anything to stop him, for, while many have much to gain, others have everything to lose...



Failure, rather than success, is at the heart of the life of Jesus and his message.

He came to liberate us from the "gospel of success". It is not in "climbing the ladder of perfection" that we meet God, but in falling from it.

And it is then that we discover the most beautiful spiritual gold.



The author Mark Townsend lives within two worlds the world of religion and the world of magic. The the further his journey takes him the more he realises that they are not two worlds at all... but One. In The Wizard's Gift a young man has all but lost the will to live, for his life has become meaningless. However, though depressed, one place he always finds can lift his spirits is the forest, which he frequently visits.

On one of these occasions he meets and chats with an old man who oozes a genuine wisdom and spiritual depth. The old man becomes his mentor and, over time a beautiful relationship develops. Gradually the depressive re-discovers the wonder and magic of life, and he begins to think of his mentor as The Wizard.

The Wizard gives him many gifts - tangible and symbolic items that bring profound spiritual insights and self-knowledge. Each of these gifts will be relevant and will speak directly to the readers of the book, and they too will begin to experience a sense of inner magic and spiritual transformation.



Jesus Outside the Box is a re-released, re-titled version of the authors previous book The Magician's Tale. It a short book of twelve stories written from the perspective of some lesser known characters of the New Testament. Each story offers an exciting and radical new portrait of the one we call The Christ.

The authors intention was to present a picture of Jesus, without the 2,000 years of Christian doctrine and dogma that have suffocated him inside a great ecclesiastical box. The Jesus of these tales has broken free from that box of Churchianity and will help readers do the same. This Jesus is human yet magical, gentle yet dangerous, distrustful of religion, yet unconditionally loving. He is exciting beyond our dreams. You may just discover that you'd thrown the divine baby out with the holy water.



The Magician s Tale is a short book of twelve stories from the perspective of some of the lesser known characters of the New Testament.

Each comes from a different viewpoint. For example The Tale of Old Mr. Righteous is an old man looking back over his whole life until he finally discovers The Answer; whereas The Fisherman s Tale is from the perspective of one of the original disciples telling his story and yet showing the reader that he still doubts and still suffers (as they do), yet he also knows that Jesus is there even within the storms and pains of life. The Wedding Guest's tale is a much more magical account in a modern setting.

The stories are highly readable and will grab attention because of their graphic and unusual nature. The characters are real and believable yet the stories are also magical, thus linking with the current explosion of books from the magic/fantasy genre.